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With the inception of eventurus, we are beginning a new era. From the house of Asia catering

Eventurus  is a brand-new venture for your events. We are not only expert event managers but also innovators in the of event planning. Events are no more usual & predictable as they were before.

Events are now dynamic since trends are  changing . Events have become full time entertainment not only for guests but for hosts as well. Eventurus is your one stop station to provide all solutions.

From creating to decoration, multimedia to photography, food to reception everything is managed and provided by team of professionals. Eventurus is located in the heart of Gujranwala on the main road with enormous parking with seven star reception.Now you don’t have to look at other cities for designer’s job.Eventurus has batter solutions then many caterers of Lahore and around.We guarantee that your will be liked and appreciated in your social circle, it will not only boost your social status it will also become a life time experience for you.

We welcome you to book a meeting with our friendly and expert tesm sre you can just walk in any working day. You can also call us on our UAN 111-222-726 for all query. There is nothing better than spreading love and happiness. You are always welcome at Eventurus “eventfully yours.

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